Oftyll Mono Green – Solución Multipropósito Lentes de contacto


Solución multiproposito para lentes de contacto

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Oftyll Mono green is an “all in one” solution used to disinfect, cleanse, preserve and rinse any kind
of contact lenses. This solution is formulated using a molecule derived from
natural extracts.

At this concentration the substance is tolerated
from more sensible user.

Chemical physical characteristics

The biocide activity of Oftyll Mono
green solution has been tested in accordance with the standard
ISO/CD 14729.2 “Optics and optical instruments – Contact lens care products –
Antimicrobial activity of products for disinfection of contact lenses”.

The analysis confirms that Oftyll Mono
green solution, disinfects and preserves any kind of contact
lens without damages for the lenses and risks for the users.

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50ml, 100ml, 360ml


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